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Hmm unfortunate name... Mike. 🤨 😳


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I'm kind of confused. How does it differ to THX on Panasonic or ISF on other TV modes? Is it one setting for all films or it changes based on the fit you watch?


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I'm kind of confused. How does it differ to THX on Panasonic or ISF on other TV modes? Is it one setting for all films or it changes based on the fit you watch?
In the ISF and THX modes you still had to go in and switch of extraneous processing, with Filmmaker Mode all that is apparently set up properly from the off so the end user need not worry about any of it (which I realise was the promise of those other presets, but it sounds like they've got it right this time).


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Sounds great.

In ideal world this metadata would turn the mode on/off during adverts when a movie is being shown on some terrestrial TV channel. This would only be possible if the actual metadata is continuously sent during every frame of movie as it is playing, and the metadata stops during breaks or other interruptions, so the TV turns back on all its normal picture processing (smoothing, motion compensation etc.). This would be good to highlight the difference between normal over-processing modes and this mode.

Having it only manually activated as previous ISF and other "movie" modes have been on TVs will just mean consumers leave the TV as it was out of box in the default "over-processed, over-sharpened, edge-fringing, soap-opera smoothed, auto high-contrast" mode at all times.

Of course this is still nothing to do with picture calibration... so you could be in filmmaker mode on the TV, but the colours could still be all over the place.

So is LG going to push this to existing TVs using firmware updates? Or is this limited to new, high-end large TVs only?


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A step in the right direction.


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Although if your Philips this mode seems to be a step in the opposite direction.


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I wonder Pro Calibration experts will use this FILM MAKER mode for the calibration settings. If so I hope there is more than one Film Maker mode for DARK or BRIGHT room viewing.


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I have respect for flimmakers but I won't be using this mode unless all professional calibrators use this mode out of the box to view movies.


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I really like the idea of film maker mode, but don't understand why they only want it activated by metadata, rather than simply being the default setting on all new TVs?


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@Phil Hinton is there a glossary summarising all these features and terminology, when you’d want them and how they’re affected or not by pro calibration?

I’m on the lookout for a new screen, possibly with ISF, and have no idea what I need or what to prioritise!

HDR10+ (vs. HDR) (+missing on Sony...why?)
Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision IQ (vs. Dolby Vision)
Filmmaker Mode
Anything else

For FMM I’ve seen @Steve Withers say he’d potentially disable it (or something to that effect).

Having it all glossarised in one thread would be really helpful - even if it’s just a thread with links to all the specific feature threads. I haven’t changed screen in 13 years so I’m totally lost with all, and won’t be changing for another 13 years so need to get it right!!


Steve Withers

I didn't say I'd disable Filmmaker Mode, I was referring to Panasonic's Intelligent Sensor option (or it may have been Dolby Vision IQ, the two are very similar). However I was only being flippant, I'd always check a new feature out first before deciding whether to use it or not.

Neither Sony or LG currently support HDR10+, and Samsung doesn't support Dolby Vision. Panasonic and Philips support both.

There will be articles on Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ, but in the mean time check out the following:


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all it does is turn off processing such as ultra motion and motion estimation so that films play at their native frame rate, its a good thing but the people who are affected by this issue are those that want to switch on a tv out of the box and not turn on or off any mode , so they probably wouldnt switch on film maker mode


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I said Move along. There is absolutely nothing to see here......

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