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Does anyone have any recommendations for voice controlled action cameras? I'm off to Florida in August so would love to be able to capture everything without fiddling with the buttons. I've been looking at the GoPro hero white but seen some iffy reviews about the picture quality. Some of the Akaso cameras have good reviews. Does anyone have any experience with those?



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Voice-control might be difficult in outdoor/noisy situations: You don't say "why" you need this option.... buttons can be difficult and their lengthy "menu" need knowledge of the system.

Some Action-cams have wrist "remote controls" which allow stop-start and photo taking. The quality is largely dependent IMHO on the situation where is taken and by whom. Two people can take the same pictures/same cameras and get quite different results. Hand-shakes, low-light and so on all affect the "quality" - yet sometimes it doesn't matter if the footage is "Newsworthy" - never-to-be-repeated ( etc.) . . . but generally, the price you pay will affect quality - but only when the "operator" knows what they are doing.
Whatever, you buy get used to it Before you leave, also have spare Memory and Batteries . . . a mini-tripod perhaps for those quieter moments, relaxing. Always check the footage, to make sure all is well. Remember to check the waterproof housing - they have been known to leak and will need care in fitting.

Good luck.
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