Volume too low when using Cable Box but loud when streaming?


Hey Guys...
My parents are elderly and just got a new LG LED TV. They have an ATT Uverse cable box. The volume when watching the cable box channels is not really loud. They have to turn it up all the way to 100%. I have a cheap sound bar and the issue is the same. But when I stream anything.....Netflix, Youtube, etc...the max volume is REAL loud....the way it should be. Playing around, I have tried all of the available audio outputs on the TV..... the HDMI, optical and Red/White audio out from the TV and none get loud.

Any idea how I can get more volume when watching the cable box channels? Is this an LG setting or a cable box issue? BTW.....I have went into the cable box menu and couldn't find anything.


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If you've tried it on Stereo and it's still low volume I'm afraid I'm fresh out of ideas.
Was the same cable box used on their previous TV?


Yes...and it was low too. The only thing is that I never tried the streaming because it wasn't a smart TV so I thought the low volume was just normal. I'm simply shocked at how loud the TV will get when streaming. Those little speakers crank, I tell you.
Thanks anyway....I will call ATT and ask.
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