weak lenovo wifi


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I have a Lenovo Ideapad 450 that has an internet problem that just started. Until yesterday, this computer has connected to our WiFi and operated with good enough speed to stream videos and access any requested websites. The average tested speed was 12.5 mbs.

Now when I connect, the tested speed is zero, and I cannot stream or even go to most websites.

I also have another Lenovo (a Thinkpad 330) connected to the same WiFi which is continuing to deliver speeds around 12.5 mps, and stream any videos from any webpage.

What could have changed in the 450?


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Have you tried connecting to the router with a network cable ?


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Initially power cycle both the laptop and the modem/router, sometimes a reboot of either or both will resolve the problem. If no better then run the network troubleshooter, right click on the network icon in the bottom right corner>troubleshoot
Let us know how how you get on

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