what has happened to hifijunkies?


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I have just gone to hifijunkies website and was greated with:

We regret that HiFi Junkies is now closed for new business.

For the month of July you can contact us by

Phone: 020 8367 1699
fax: 020 8367 1669
email: [email protected]

and we will be happy to discuss the completion of outstanding orders or any
service problems that you may have.

For those of you wishing to purchase goods we suggest that you contact
your nearest branch of Audio T by following the link below:

(Audio T dead link)

Anyone know if they have gone bust?


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Not sure if they've gone bust,but when I was buying a Pronto last year,I was told by Audio T that HiFiJunkies was in fact an offshoot of theirs.
I had noticed that their website hadn't been updated in ages.



I ordered the new Yamaha 440 amp with them last weds, and have been pestering them for a response to my order (i.e. how long will I have to wait) but haven't heard anything...

All starts to make sense now.


aaah, all becomes clear now! I bought an amp from audio-t at the weekend and my name was already on there computer, now I know why! Glad my acoustic energys turned up last week from HifiJunkies, phew! :D

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Dammit. I really liked them as well. :( Bought all the A side of my AV gear from them and their customer service was outstanding.

I notice you can't order online at the Audio-T site :(
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