What is the lowest crossover set by Onkyo's Automatic Speaker Setup(Audyssey)?


I am trying to understand what thresholds Onkyo is using when they
determine a speaker as "Full Band" aka "Large".
If the -3dB roll off point found by the Audyssey setup is below a certain
frequency, Onkyo sets that speaker to "Full Band" ie it should be able
to reproduce all frequencies.
Early models seemed to have that threshold frequency at 80Hz which way to high up.
I saw some indication that the 2008 models used 40Hz which
is a much more reasonable figure and the same as Denon uses
but there is no one who knows and Onkyo doesn't say.
But by looking at the lowest crossovers set, we can at least say
that the threshold frequency must be below that.

So, what is the lowest frequency you have even seen set as a crossover by
the Speaker Setup in your Onkyo?
Please include the model of your receiver as well!

With my 2008 876, I have never seen anything else than "Full Band" for all my speakers,
including surrounds and rears...

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