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so I bought an LG set in Feb and got 18 months free sky Q which I gave to my mum as she can't afford sky and all was good then friday I get an email about changing my package and signing upto an 18 month subscription and my next bill will be 40 odd pounds, so I call them up and they tell me ive signed upto Netflix which is odd as I've had netflix long before sky got together with them, its also worth noting i added mt account to the sky Q box, anyway they tell me because this happens its cancelled my initial subscription which was free and created a new one and ontop of that there saying the original entertainment package doesn't exist anymore nor does the discount so they cant re-apply it, im waiting to here back about a resolution but im fuming and unsure what to do as I'm not even a year in and I know they will hold me to the sign up period .

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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