what vr headset should i buy


As above, either a stand alone headset or get that pc upgraded. Is the processor as old as the graphics card?
What's your budget?
If money is no object and you don't mind upgrading or building a new PC then get yourself a Valve Index. Just be a ware that you'll need to mount Lighthouse base stations on your walls and you'll need to move them if you change rooms for your VR space.

If you can't afford to spend a small fortune then either get yourself a Quest or a Rift S. The Quest and Rift S each have their advantages over the other:


+ Can be used as a standalone headset that's wireless when playing Quest games.
+ Has a manual IPD adjustment
+ Has cross-buy titles in the Quest Store meaning for some games you can buy it once on the Quest Store and play the Rift S version for free without needing to buy it again.
+ OLED displays meaning darker blacks
+ Can be linked to a PC to play PC VR games

Rift S

+ MUCH more comfortable to wear
+ A sharper and clearer image
+ More room for glasses

Personally I'd go for a Rift S over a Quest myself purely because of the comfort. I tend to play VR games for HOURS at a time so comfort is one of my main priorities.


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With a GTX 970, I'd get a Quest and rely on ASW 2.0 et al to get you through the day.

Try not to hook it up to your PC and just enjoy Quest VR first because there is something clearly magical about now having any wire pulling at your head.

Superhot on the Oculus Quest is the ONLY way to play the game. Being able to spin, run, slide, dodge, move at full speed, duck, use the ENTIRETY of the level (which you can't do with a cable) is something which everyone should experience for their first superhot play through.

Once you've played through the entire Quest library, you can hook up the headset the PC and start playing through AAA games.

Likely you'll need a new GPU to push the more demanding games and by that time there would have been a GPU refresh by Nvidia and first gen RTX 2070/2080 models will be going for a bargain.

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