What's new on Sky and NOW TV UK for August 2020


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Ready or Not is a bag of fun, was a little confused as I thought we'd watched this on Now TV, but clearly not..


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Still no Billions 😩


Still no Billions 😩
I watched 2 seasons of billions on netflix in Thailand where it is available. Pretty good overall with a strong cast and good script. The way it lurches from one crisis to another and how the sea keeps changing for each character at such speed makes it like an action movie without the violence. I am a little sad now I cannot carry on watching it now I am back in Wales especially as I am isolating !


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Still no Billions 😩
Showtime split the season in two due to post production issues due to Covid19.

My guess is that they're waiting for the green light for the latter half of the season to be completed and then showing it in a complete run which also helps with filling out the schedule in the Autumn months.

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