Which Call Of Duty?


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Ok...total newb question alert.

I havent played COD for an AGE....maybe 8 years...it was certainly on the early days of the XBOX 360.

So...if I wanted to jump back in.....and play a COD game of a similar style (wwII era), which COD game would be the best one to buy? Keeping in mind I would like one which has pleanty of people playing online.

Cheers guys.


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My advice get Black Ops 1 cheap from somewhere like CEX or Ebay and play this via backwards compatibility on the XboxOne.

Other than this the only option is Black Ops 3. I say this as Advanced Warfare was not that good. And I tried going back to it on the PS3 and most game modes there were zero players. %he only game modes with players were TDM and Domination.

Ghosts is even worse than Advanced Warfare.

Black Ops 2 was superb but Xbox 360 only and no news of it coming to Backwards compatibility.

So like I say you could probably get Black Ops 1 for around £5 or less and get a very enjoyable Call of Duty experience with this on the XboxOne

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