Question Which of these DAC's would be the best to get from optical out - DAC - red/white phono - earphones??


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Just for reference, the blu ray player is the samsung BD-H6500

(Great little player by the way ;) )

I have just had a headset pack up with used optical out from my blu ray player in the bedroom, and just want to get some sound to another set of ear phones.

The TV has no extra audio out what so ever, my media player has phono's out which I use with a phono to female 3.5mm jack for my ear phones, but my blu ray player only has hdmi and optical outputs, no phonos at all or anything else.

Thus I am looking for a nice cheap alternative just to get some sound from the blu ray player to my earphones. I have found these:®-Dig...&sr=1-10&keywords=Digital+To+Analog+Converter
and want to use my optical out of my blu ray player - DAC - red/white phono - 3.5mm female jack for my ear phones to plug into.

Just a simple solution that works is fine with me, just a nice clear stereo sound from the blu ray player to the headphones via a DAC and red/white phono-3.5mm cable.

Are any of the above suitable do you think?
I'm really not sure what to look for as some go on about the sampling rates etc?

Any advice would be appreciated :)



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