Which Philips 43' TVs have a VA panel?


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I'm looking to buy a TV and I kinda fell in love with the ambilight features.
Due to space limitations going bigger than a 43' is not really possible and I would like to get a TV with a VA panel (the other ones I'm pondering now is the Hisense B7500 and maybe the Samsung 43Q60R, which is a bit out of the price range).
I'm also reading a lot about VA panels regarding the 43' TVs from Philips and it seems that some have it and some don't, so, my question is, is there any way to know before hand? Like, are there any models that have VA panels all the time? Or is it a lottery somehow?

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I've reworded your thread title for you to give readers more of an idea of what information you need.

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