Which Top Gun Blu-ray has the Music Videos in 5.1?

Kenny UK

Hi all

Huge fan of Top Gun and the Soundtrrack.

I understand that one of the Top Gun Blu-ray editions has a number of the music videos for some of the songs featured in 5.1 as bonus feature but when looking on the retailers websites not one gives any comprehensive information and none mention the music videos.

I do not want to take a chance and buy one of the Blu-ray editions as the retailers, quite rightly, once you open a Blu-ray (and find it is the wrong edition) do not want to accept it as a return. Why should they as it is not faulty.

I have asked elsewhere but nobody seems to know so can anyone say for definite which edition has these music videos in 5.1?
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Indiana Jones

All previous Blu-Ray releases were the exact same disc just with different packaging apart from the 3D release and the new remaster released a few months ago.
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