Question Will 30fps on PS5 look better on OLED then the PS4 Pro


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Like the topic says, will 30fps on PS5 look better on OLED tv's then the PS4 Pro?.
After buying a new LG CX I'm a bit disappointed with how 30fps games look when it comes to juddering.
I find that 30fps from the Xbox One X looks a bit better then from the PS4 Pro, but still the juddering is way more bothersome then on my previous LED.
Is there anything the new consoles can/will do to make 30fps look less "juddery"?


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Try Last Of Us 2 with motion blue set to 10 looks silky smooth. Motion blur is essential but not all games do a good job of implementing it.


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If you have Judder it's down to the TV use game mode( if the TV has it) as this turns off all the processing that TV's do for helping with TV broadcasts and Movies that gaming doesn't need, if there is no game mode then turn off the following in the TV settings manually.

Anything to do with Motion like "Auto Motion plus"
All Eco options like power-saving, backlight dimming etc
Judder reduction (turning this on won't help with gaming so turn it off)


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My LG c8 isn’t juddery at all, must be a settings issue.


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I think it's a game thing. I've learnt to live with it. Some games do it better than others I think. I have a Sony LCD not an OLED. Settings set to Game Mode.

On the Xbox One X, I originally played Gears of War 4 in 4k 30fps and to me, it was unplayable. Whenever I panned the camera, I saw double and trails everywhere. Absolutely fine on high frame rate mode. Same with The Last of Us 1 remastered on the Pro - perfect in 60fps mode, but horrendous to my eyes, in 30fps.

Yet other games, like the Tomb Raiders on the X at 4k 30fps and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn on the Pro at 30fps, were fine. Obviously I'd prefer 60fps, but no issue.


30fps is horrible on my 77C8, I got headaches playing The Last Of Us Part 2.

I've started playing Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC in the last week (having played about 10 hours of the PS4 Pro) and it's so much easier on the eyes, and a better more responsive experience at 60fps.

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