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I’ve been tasked with fixing an issue with a win 7 lap top that’s never been used on the Internet, hasn’t had an update since 2012 and doesn’t appear to want to find any new updates

Also doesn’t want to down load any windows defender definitions

anyone have any idea what to check / try ?


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Check control Panel ----> Windows Update and make sure the update is on to start with. Since it has never been on the internet you are in for along time updating and with frequent reboots.


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You should also check the following in Services

Type services.msc into Start menu

In the services window check that :

1. Background Intelligent Transfer Service is set to automatic -right click, properties, and set to automatic if not on - click OK

2. Windows Update is set to automatic, if not do same as above.

close the window

as @maf1970 say's be prepared for a long session.


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Might be quicker / easier to image the HDD and then install Win10. Unless they’ve any bespoke software that they don’t have install media for or doesn’t work on Win10.


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We don't give up that easy :)


Control Panel
Systems and Security
Windows Updates
Change settings

In the Important updates tab - select Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them

Click OK

Now see if the process will look for the updates and let us know if it does.



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Just thinking this through some more.

1. Go to the MS site in the link and download the W7 version for the laptop. The 1st is x86, the 2nd x64.

Without the KB3020369 patch W7 will not update. Let us know how you get on. I can then guide you to some other KB's to put o the machine.

Please let us know if its x86 or x64 version.

Once downloaded click on the KB to install it.

Microsoft Update Catalog
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