Windows 10 "Default" Drive Icons


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So my question is a slight variation to the question "how to change drive icons". I am familiar with this.

My question is whether anyone knows how I can obtain and/or copy the original default drive icons in Windows 10. That is, the white slate angled to the left, black front with a green light. I have put a micro SD card in my surface pro and would like the drive icon to be identical to the main drives.

I have browsed the usual familiar websites but cannot seem to find this one. Or perhaps there is a way I can copy the image from the registry?

By way of example, and to show the exact icon I am referring to, I attach a picture.

Any help or guidance would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.


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The registry doesn't store multimedia information as far as I'm aware.

System items are in System32/shell32.dll

There are plenty of icon programs that should be able to export the icons in a dll file to a normal picture format, although I haven't used one in years so I couldn't recommend a specific application.

Although for what you want you can probably just point it to that file.

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