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Hi All,

Quick question.....

I am not as up with all of the new technologies as I maybe should be.

I currently have a Denon 4400 running an SVS Sub, Surround Speakers and 3 kef ls50 as soundstage.

I have the option of getting some Kef LS50 wireless speakers through a local store at a discounted price. But before getting into conversation with the store, I wanted some unbiased opinions.

Can wireless speakers like the Kef LS50 (wireless), work in a surround setup and does the wireless capability add or remove any benefits over my existing package.

I appreciate they are better than my current satellites, but Im more curious as to whether being wireless hinders there use and are they only really meant for a hifi style setup.

Thanks in advance


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My understanding of these speakers is that they will not work as you imagine them to. If you think of them as a separate amp with speakers built in, thus you have a bi-amp option which will require a long RCA connection from a pre-out on the amp

The two speakers also require a cable between them looking at the manual meaning that you will have a total of 4 cables if you was going to use these speakers. One to interconnect the two speakers, one from the Denon to the main speaker/amp and then two mains cables to power each speaker.

Now you maybe able to do away with a long RCA interconnect by using Monitor Audio's WT-1/WR-1 but this would still not technically give you a wireless option although would technically work correct pre-outs just like when using another RCA interconnect.

As you can see, in order to get these to work, its starting to get a little messy with more and more cables to connect them to the amp. Because of this, my suggestion would be to look at a traditional passive speaker with discrete speaker cabling like QED Micro


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Exactly what I was looking for and makes perfect sense .

I love my current set up but just couldn't get my head around this and whether it would be beneficial or even work.

Thank you

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