XTZ A2-300 Power Amplifier Review & Comments


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I had this little amp for a while. Sounded great but i agree with you Ed, the sound can be a little lean. You need to be carefull what speaker you intend to drive. But it does pack a punch despite its small form factor. Had no problem driving my Tannoy DMT 10 MK2's to earsplitting levels. Build quality is really excellent given its price. Feels solid.


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I have XTZ's previous effort at an amp (Class A 100D3), which I really like, though it's a switchable class A or A/B. It does sound like 3 of these would be a good option for home cinema, as you say.


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I have an Edge A2-300 and I drive my Martin Logan SL3's, which drops down to 1 ohm at 20Khz.

Absolutely no issues at all and can really boogie, hard!

I have a Mark Levinson No331 Power Amp and my wife nor I can tell the difference in sound quality.

Definitely not lean sounding in my case, sound is very balanced and a vice like grip on the Bass Drivers. :cool:


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I've driven a couple of different speakers with it. And I agree with MIKEVO om every accoount....

Thinking of buying three more to power My fronts in the cinema as well....they DO NOT dissapoint!

Don Dadda

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I wasn't going to comment but since reviews on XTZ kit are almost as rare as Hen's teeth, how could i resist. :D

I have had an Edge for a 1.5 yrs and cannot fault it one bit ( Cheers @MIKEVO :smashin:). It only drives a center speaker (XTZ 99.25) so you could say its under used. However, i have used it with my floorstanders in stereo mode and was very pleased with what i was hearing.
Like Mark, i don't find it lean at all. In fact the opposite. For the price paid with £50 off the rrp at the time, got a bit of a bargain IMO.

@nimman - Had the same idea for my fronts but i have the D3 which is still doing a stella job with them. Although the D3 has a bit more of a handle on things there's not really a great difference in sound between the 2 amps.


Agree with the others who have this amp, fantastic value, I tried one to start with replacing some high end mono blocks and was very impressed, so much so that I got another one for my centre channel! They are driving Kef Reference which dip to about 3 ohms with no problem, and as Mikevo mentioned the bass is very very controlled.


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Sounds like it could give most PAs in small venues a run for their money - especially if you decide to mono block them


Nice little amp, can be a bit of a pain when setting it up with the auto switch on if you set it to full gain and then run a calibration.

What happens then is the AVR turns the pre-outs down a LOT at the amp can switch off. Solution is configure with the gain turned down or don't use the auto switch on.

I've done the latter and have no issues anymore and it drives some Arendal Towers very nicely indeed.


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Hi everyone. I'm about to buy a
Denon AVR-X3600H receiver. Would this XTZ amp be a good option to power the extra channels the Denon can process? I've also been looking at the cheaper Tibo PA150, but don't mind spending a little more of it's worth it. I did ideally want an amp with 12v trigger in, but finding it hard to track one down at this price point.
Appreciate and help.

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