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Leo the Builder

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I have owned a Yamaha RX-V679 Receiver for several years now in the USA. Since I am moving to Australia I have some questions about the power selection to switch from USA 110 volt to Australia's 240 volt. The power cable is not hard wired to the receiver. Is this as simple as changing the power cord? Or can I expect problems?


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It is not that simple I’m afraid. Unless your amp has a voltage selector on the rear allowing you to select 220-240V then you will fry it pretty quickly!


Leo the Builder

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Yes, it does have the 110/240 volt selector switch. It also comes with a loose/separate power chord. That leads me to believe it is possible, but I can't find any other supporting documentation backing up this assumption. Just wondering if anybody has actually successfully made this switch. I have noticed that a lot of other receivers have this same voltage selection option, other Yamahas as well as other brands.


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Simply select the voltage setting that is appropriate for the country you are in and use a power cord that is terminated with the type of plug that is required to connect it to the type of mains electricity outlets used in that country.
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