Yamaha RV-X773 no 4k with sky Q


Hi there,

Hoping someone can help.

I have just purchased a Samsung QLED QE65Q7F and linked it up via HDMI to my SKY Q box and Yamaha RX-V773. The problem is that the SKY Q box wont allow me to select UHD if connected through the Yamaha. It says the screen doesn't support UHD when obviously it does.

It will allow me if the SKY Q box is connected directly to the one connect box/ TV so the obvious problem is the AMP.

Can anyone offer a suggestion on a fix - no doubt I'm doing something wrong!



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Your AV receiver predates HDCP 2.2 and cannot be updated in order to provide HDCP 2.2 compliance. Most commercial UHD content is protected by HDCP 2.2, hence why your SKY Q STB or other UHD sources will not output UHD content to your receiver. If the source were a UHD Blu-ray play then it would in all probability have 2 HDMI outputs and you'd then be able to use one to convey the UGHD content directly to your HDCP 2.2 compliant TV while using the other HDMI output to output HD audio formats to your older non compliant AV receiver. Your SKY Q box doesn't however include dual HDMI outputs, but neither do you get HD audio via SKY either. You should connect the SKY STB directly to the TV via HDMI and output both the audio and the video to the TV. You can then configure the TV to passthrough the audio to the AV receiver using either the HDMI connection between them and ARC or via a seperate S/PDIF optical connection from the TV to your AV receiver. THis arrangement would still allow you to access 2 channel PCM as well as 5.1 Dolby Digital.


Hi, many thanks for the answer and help. The main issue seems to be that the connect box seems to not have a HDMI out. Ive tried connecting the amp via HDMI ARC but nothing happening on the AMP front - it doesn't seem to recognise it as an input.

The Sky Q box does have optical which I could connect the amp to but heard that optical isn't as good as HDMI?

Its a real shame as I've just mounted it all including KEF T301 front, centre, rear and sub speakers so feel as though I'm not making best of the system!


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ARC uses the HDMI input connection on your TV. ARC conveys audio back to an ARC enabled AV receiver via this connection.

You'd have to both enable ARC and HDMI Control onboard both the TV and within the AV receiver's HDMI settings if wanting to use ARC. Your TV will call HDMI Control Anynet+ and you'll also need to set the TV's speaker setting to the one that relates to ARC as opposed to the TV speakers or optical audio output options. Once you've reconfigured both the TV's and receiver's HDMI and ARC configurations, it is recommended that you power both down into standby and then power them back up. This reestablishes a new HDMI handshake between them that should encompass the new ARC and HDMI settings.


Absolute superstar - thanks so much! Saved me buying a new amp!

On the off chance you ever need AV equipment then let me know as I have some old work contacts who work in the industry so would be willing to repay the favour!



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And old thread but same problem. I know I’d enquired on another thread about a new amp but wondering about this as a stop gap. My new 4K tv on the wall I have hdmi and optical connections to it buried in the wall. The goes to the output of my 473, my inputs to 473 Are sky 2tb q box, blu ray dvd, PS4. Am I understanding this thread as I’d need hdmi 1 box to tv,then tv to amp to get it to work? I’m kinda lost reading the thread.
There’s no way any other cables are going to the tv as mean plasterboard removal etc, if I carnt make it work when I only have 1 hdmi and an optical to the tv then I will bite the bullet and new amp...


If your receiver pre-dates HDCP 2.2 then any 4K feeds would need to go direct to the TV via HDMI. It may also need that HDMI lead to be a new certified premium cable. I'm not sure but if you configure the SkyQ box to output 1080i only you may be able to play through the receiver. That may be a work around. Something you could easily check yourself and be a somewhat unsatisfactory work around as you would not be able to show 4K. Otherwise you'll need a second HDMI to the TV.

Your problem seems to be the buried HDMI cable. Hopefully you have conduit to make changing the cables relatively easy.

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