Yamaha RX-V681 Passing Audio but not Video


My unit had been working fine for a year until today. Engaging a device connected via HDMI turns the unit on as normal. In this case I'm using an AppleTV, which in turn powers on my Sony TV. Audio works, but there is no video coming through. Not from the AppleTV but also not from any other mode on the receiver. Spotify will play through the speakers but the Yamaha user interface does not appear on the TV. I've tried switching inputs and cables but nothing is working. It's as if the video driver on the receiver failed, but otherwise the unit is working properly. I have:

Confirmed my cables are all working properly
Have latest firmware
Tested different inputs on the receiver and the TV

Please help!


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The receiver doesn't play the video and simply passes the suignal through and out. If there is an issue then it will more likely be related to the HDMI board.

It should be noted that only the first 3 HDMI inputs on the RXV681 are HDCP 2.2 xompliant so if the video source were outputting a commercial UHD video signal then you'd need to use one of those 3 inputs in association with it.

The fact that you aren't getting anything, including the receiver's own graphics isn't good though and is indicative of an HDMI board issue or failure? There's also a remote possibility of an EDID conflict between the AV receiver and the TV, but you say that you've previously had video via the receiver on that TV so this would be a less likely cause.

The only other thing that I can suggest is that you try a different HDMI cable between the TV and the AV receiver.
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