Question Yamaha YPAO R.S.C help


Any help appreciated here :)

So I'm going to try re-running YPAO this week because I have finally managed to get things set right with my rear speakers (placing onto stands behind sofa, coming down from ceiling level) and have learnt over the past day or so a lot about what some of the terms mean and why to use them or not; YPAO volume, adaptive DRC etc - made a hell of a difference watching Terminator DarkFate an hour ago I can tell you!

One thing I am still confused about is the sub. I'm using a Klipsch reference sub (with another which is setup but not connected yet) and it is more than powerful enough for this room I think, but it's the config thats stumping me.
When I ran it at new, YPAO set it to -10db. Another time after firmware updating it set it to +10db...at no point does it tell me what I should actually be aiming for it to set as. I'm aware thats due to me fiddling with the gain knob btw lol.

Whatever the last YPAO result was, I currently have the sub set to +8db in the levels section. I gather from a few places this is not good???
People (google people) are mentioning trying to get the sub to report in at -6db in YPAO but then taking about TRIM? (volume trim, subwoofer trim) I have seen the trim gui but have NO idea what the hell this means and does...so yeah I'm a but useless with this and would love a bit of clarification lol.

Mic will be on a tripod so thats not an issue, receiver is a 685 or the next one up from that lol, doubt this matters though since YPAO is YPAO and its the RSC version.

Thanks for your patience.
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