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Hi Raz,
Just saw your post on the Wanted thread for an SVS sub, re your DIY SI 15's. I was considering a build myself, but could save some time / effort if something was available.
Are you planning on selling, if so, do you have more info (& was this the pair sold here a few years back from M Keynes)?
Hi shug4476

Apologies for contacting you like this, and not sure if I'm breaking any rules. 🤔
I read your post saying you'd like to pick up a plasma to compare against the LG B9...Right?
I'm wanting to sell my Pioneer 5090 if you're interested.


Hi Bob - I bought a Panasonic VT50 in the end from these very forums! If you want to sell yours, you would need to put an advert in the classifieds forum.

I heard you had the same problem like I do with google store on your XG9505, I can's access google store and youtube, can't sign in, can you please help me.

King regards
You posted a couple of years ago about deciding between a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro headphones and some Shure headphones. May I ask which you went for in the end, as I'm in an identical situation?
Many thanks,
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